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Lighthouse Technologies offer end-to-end consulting services for Microfocus Business Technology Optimization project's architecture, implementations and trainings. Our service offerings are based on in-depth technology expertise, proven best practices, and repeatable delivery methodologies to help customers realize the full value of Business Technology Optimization for IT.
We deliver faster, and with less risk.

Software Trainings

Software Trainings


Direct access to cutting edge technologies


Microfocus Universal CMDB is a key software component in the enterprise market, as such there is an increasing need of trainings, furthermore, there is a constant demand of customized training content to fit customers needs, for that, we offer a variety set of trainings which can be tailored to meet customers needs.


We deliver

  • Universal CMDB Essentials Training
  • Universal CMDB Advanced Training
  • DDM/UDA Discovery Adaptor Development Training
  • Universal CMDB Configuration Manager Training
  • Customized Trainings

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Configuration Management System

Microfocus Configuration Management System


Timely and relevant information about IT services


Microfocus Configuration Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive set of tools for collecting, storing, managing, updating and presenting data about IT services configuration items (software and infrastructure) and about their relationships. Microfocus CMS includes automated discovery and a federated configuration management database that integrates with trusted sources in a seamless fashion allowing IT management teams to make effective decisions and control changes. Now part of the IT Operations Management Suite.

Key features

  • Thorough understanding of application components and infrastructure dependencies
  • More effective and accurate change planning and impact analysis
  • Lower time to resolution for critical events with fast view of service decomposition
  • Improved visibility showing deviations from standard configuration of IT assets
  • Control of configuration management and compliance issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley

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Universal CMDB

Universal CMDB


Visibility into infrastructure and applications


Microfocus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) software stores, controls, and manages software and infrastructure components along with associated relationships and dependencies. It provides unparalleled infrastructure visibility that shows how components are related for consistent and reliable delivery of IT and business services. This visibility improves and simplifies change control to avoid service disruptions and better track, manage, and control IT infrastructures. Universal CMDB software reduces mean time to repair to keep operations running more efficiently.


Key benefits

  • Infrastructure visibility to identify potential issues prior to change deployment
  • Faster resolution of problems (MTTR) eliminates or reduces service disruption
  • Accelerated compliance initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA
  • UCMDB allows accelerated success of application and data center transformation projects

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Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Universal Discovery


Advanced visibility into services and infrastructure


Universal Discovery (UD) software automates discovery and dependency mapping of services, applications, and underlying infrastructure. Mapping helps you perform failure impact analyses which minimize downtime. Improved visibility into IT helps you transform into a modern, flexible, and converged infrastructure that reduces operational expense, defers capital expense, and improves business uptime. 80% of all service disruptions are caused by faulty changes, and UDA provides the visibility required for more effective changes.


Key benefits

  • Increased productivity by automating the discovery of infrastructure and software
  • Lowered mean time to resolution for critical events by understanding service decomposition
  • Increased business service availability by intelligently choosing issues to address
  • Improved visibility into existing legacy IT infrastructure for data center transformation
  • Better planning for modernization of application portfolios and IT infrastructure

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UCMDB Configuration Manager

Universal CMDB Configuration Manager


Achieving a more stable and standardized IT environment


Universal CMDB Configuration Manager makes it possible to analyze IT environments in order to move toward fewer standards and improve IT management processes. This helps you improve data quality in your Configuration Management System (CMS), avoid single points of failure, achieve geographic redundancy of applications, and drive changes based on configuration standards. The solution also helps improve the stability of your environment, deliver standardized services, and improve the resiliency of your architecture.


Key benefits

  • Reduce cost and risk associated with supporting numerous standards
  • Improve change management processes by aligning with configuration standards
  • Avoid single points of failure and make the architecture more resilient
  • Improve IT management efficiencies by leveraging high-quality data in the CMS
  • Enable an environment for automating similarly configured configuration items

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EView/390z Discovery for z/OS

EView/390z Discovery for z/OS


Helping enable the Instant-On Enterprise


IBM Mainframe (z/OS) Discovery Integrated into Microfocus Universal Discovery Software (UDA) for Microfocus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB)

IBM Mainframe-z/OS environments continue to play a very critical part in today's corporate IT infrastructures, processing some of the most valued and important data. If you want to successfully control your IT infrastructure, manage the configuration item (CI) lifecycle, and improve overall IT processes, you need accurate information about your hardware and software. Achieving an enterprise view of your CIs demands a solution that provides visualization of both distributed and mainframe resources and uses automation to reduce the risk of errors during discovery and UCMDB repository population.

Organizations need to collect mainframe data, identify mainframe configuration items, and know precisely how they are configured. However, the sheer number of interrelated IT components and configurations as well as the constant changes introduced by business and technology needs makes manual tracking difficult, if not impossible. It's both impractical and costly to have to conduct manual audits and maintain IT service relationships and application dependency mapping information.

EView/390z Discovery for z/OS for Microfocus UCMDB helps solves these very complex issues by extending Microfocus Universal Discovery for Microfocus Universal CMDB to include the mainframe data. EView/390z Discovery works with the Mainframe Content Pack to easily build an inventory of critical physical and logical entities along with their interrelationships. This mainframe information is then populated in the Universal CMDB for service modeling and service impact analysis.


Key functionality and benefits

  • Full, seamless integration with Microfocus Universal Discovery Software (UDA) for Microfocus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB).
  • Enables asset, incident and problem, change and configuration, and service level management.
  • Supports dynamic scheduling of discovery tasks to keep objects accurate and up to date.
  • Faster application response time and improved data availability increase efficiency and streamline business problem detection and resolution.
  • Accelerated access to data and comprehensive business intelligence further free up business and IT resources and provide quicker time to value.
  • Real-time partitioning of information from the mainframe across the enterprise aligns the entire
  • IT infrastructure including mainframe partitions and subsystems.
  • Deploy changes to the infrastructure - quickly inventories the z/OS platform and all major software subsystems.
  • Enables IT to resolve the most urgent incidents faster by impact modeling to associate and prioritize incidents by business service critically.
  • Improve productivity by automating day-to-day tasks.
  • Regular usage of EView/390z Discovery can be used as an audit tool in order to reconcile new or changed CIs.
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring that changes are made consistently with accuracy.

EView/390 Discovery Datasheet

Business Service Management

Business Service Management


Operational excellence in a dynamic world


Business Service Management (BSM) combines Application Performance Management, Network Management, and Systems Management, all of which leverage the Runtime Service Model (RTSM). The RTSM is a comprehensive real-time service model for traditional, mobile, virtualized and cloud environments. Powered by the RTSM, BSM provides an analytics layer, called Service Intelligence, that converts data into actionable knowledge. Automate event correlation, align ITIL processes, and quickly identify issues using Microfocus Ops Bridge Manager (OBM).


Key features

  • Monitor service health, applications, infrastructure and networks from one console
  • Manage dynamic changes with the Runtime Service Model
  • Optimize the performance and availability of cloud, virtual and mobile services
  • Automate with universal event correlation to simplify daily operational tasks
  • Anticipate real IT issues with service intelligence and analytics

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Service Manager

Microfocus Service Manager


Service desk standardization and best practices


Microfocus Service Manager is scalable, robust software that's core to the IT Service Management (ITSM) solution with incident, change, and other management process standardization, quality service delivery and support, and enhanced agent and end-user support. Providing a single communication hub, Service Manger enables IT to work as a single organization governed by a consistent set of processes, scaling from medium-sized environments to the large enterprise. Its robust functionality is based upon built-in ITIL best practices that enable self-service and provide controls for the cloud.


Key benefits

  • Out-of-the-box ITIL best practices decreases time to value
  • Improved process effectiveness and efficiency reduces costs
  • Standardization and process controls mitigate risk and ensure compliance
  • Automated request management with end-user self-service reduces tier-one demands
  • Dashboards prove effective delivery of services and demonstrate business value

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